Manufacturing Defects

Any company that manufactures consumer products is required by law to ensure that their products are safe for their intended use. If consumers suffer preventable injuries as the result of using a defective product, manufacturers can be held liable for compensating the victims they harm. Although there are several underlying causes that can contribute to accidents and injuries resulting from the use of a consumer product, one of the most common is a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects are problems that arise during the actual construction of a product. Typically, there are two ways in which a manufacturing defect may occur:

  • Poor-quality materials
  • Carelessness, negligence or errors during manufacturing (shoddy workmanship)

Defectively manufactured products pose numerous potential dangers to the consumers who used them. When filing a personal injury claim on the basis of product liability law, it is essential that clear and convincing evidence be shown regarding how the defect originated and how that particular defect caused ham. At Balzarini & Watson, our focus on immediately and thoroughly conducting investigations and working with our extensive resources can allow our team to determine the underlying cause of your injury and create customized strategies that deliver you the best possible results.

Strict Liability for Defective Products

Regardless of whether a manufacturer acted with negligence or took painstaking care when constructing the product, strict liability will still ensure that injured victims have the right to hold responsible manufacturers liable for any manufacturing defects inherent to their products. Our team of proven and highly experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers is prepared to work toward proving that a defect was present when the product was still in the manufacturing stage and that the defect which caused your injury did not arise in any other way.

Retain the Assistance & Support of Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorneys

Skilled and well-versed in product liability law, our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers have handled numerous cases in which manufacturing defects directly caused harm to consumers. As the American judicial system ensures the rights of injured consumers by establishing the principle of strict liability, you have every right to pursue a recovery of your physical, emotional, and/or financial damages. Given the complexities of these cases, the fact that these are highly disputed areas of law, and because large product manufacturers utilize their nearly limitless resources to contest claims, you need to have some of Pittsburgh’s Top Rated Lawyers® on your side of the courtroom.

With members of our legal team having been recognized amongst the Best Lawyers® in America and a total recovery of more than $300 million in compensation, our firm is equipped with the skills and determination needed to secure the recovery you require. Allow a member of our legal team to help you evaluate the potential merits of your claim and inform you about the ways in which we can help you overcome these difficult times. Contact Balzarini & Watson today.


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