Natural Gas Explosions

As a clean and affordable source of energy, natural gas usage is becoming more popular in western Pennsylvania and across the United States. Natural gas is also a volatile substance, however, which means there exists a possibility of explosions that cause serious injuries or deaths if proper precautions are not taken.If you are a business owner or homeowner, you place a great deal of trust in your gas company to ensure that your gas lines are secure. If an explosion occurs and you are suffering from injuries or you lost a family member, turn to our attorneys at Balzarini & Watson in Pittsburgh. We have handled a variety of personal injury litigation relating to:

  • Leaking natural gas wells
  • Cracked or poorly designed distribution lines
  • Leaking or poorly manufactured home appliances like stoves, ovens and water heaters

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Our lawyers combine knowledge across several fields of personal injury law, including defective products law. As some of the Pittsburgh region’s most respected personal injury lawyers, we have built a large network of experts to call on, including product designers and engineers, who can determine if a company’s negligent work led to the explosion.

Additionally, if you are suffering from injuries with long-term effects, such as burn injuries and amputations, we can pursue compensation that takes your future needs into account. We will not settle for a quick settlement that will leave you without proper compensation down the line.

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Making the right choice when obtaining legal representation can make the difference in whether you recover compensation that truly meets your needs. To learn about what our attorneys at Balzarini & Watson can offer, contact us by calling 412-471-1200 or 866-316-2111.


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