Design Defects

Consumers injured by a defective product have the legal right to pursue legal recourse against the responsible manufacturer, retailer, and/or other entity responsible for their injury.In order to file a successful personal injury claim on the basis of product liability law, injured consumers must demonstrate the burden of proof that entails showing that the product had some type of defect and that the defect caused harm. Defectively designed products that cause injuries, for example, can result in a company being held fully liable for the damages caused by their products.

What is a “design defect?”

Design defects arise during the initial plans for a product. Unlike manufacturing defects, where a defect arises during the construction of a product, design defects occur prior to the manufacturing of an actual product. As a result, the design defect typically affects all product produced using that design, thereby posing widespread danger to the consumers who use that particular product.

In order to clearly and convincingly establish that a product was defectively designed and that victims are entitled to compensation, several elements must be highlighted:

  • The product’s design was unreasonably dangerous prior to manufacturing
  • The design defect makes the product unsafe for its intended use
  • A safer design was available at the time of production
  • The defectively designed product caused harm

Design defects make products inherently dangerous, regardless of the care or precautions taken during the manufacturing process.

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