Aviation Accidents

Commercial aviation disasters are not common but do occur. Far more frequently, private aviation accidents involving light aircraft and helicopters occur in our region, and result in serious injuries or death.In western Pennsylvania, few personal injury law firms have the experience and record of success representing victims and families of victims of aviation accidents than Balzarini & Watson in Pittsburgh.Our attorneys have been handling aviation accident cases for decades, making sure that grieving family members of aviation accidents are treated with the respect they deserve while pursuing compensation on their behalf.

Our attorneys have successfully recovered compensation for victims of several commercial air disasters, including the Gander, Newfoundland air crash; United Flight 232 in 1989, and US Air Flight 427 in 1994. We have also successfully handled numerous cases involving crashes of private jets, light planes, and helicopters.

We have experience handling aviation crashes involving a variety of causes, including weather-related crashes, pilot error, and malfunction of critical aircraft components.

In cases such as these, a sophisticated knowledge of aircraft and how they operate is necessary. Our law firm works with respected experts in the industry to determine what the cause of each accident and if any problems could have been avoided such as:

  • Design defects
  • Pilot error
  • Negligence by air traffic controllers

Additionally, with more than $300 million recovered on behalf of our clients, our lawyers all possess the skills at trial necessary when engaging in litigation against airline companies, their insurers and their well-funded trial lawyers.

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