Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Balzarini & Watson, our firm is known throughout Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania for helping the victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents recover compensation.

For more than 50 years, our personal injury law firm has effectively protected the rights of accident victims and their family members who are suffering from serious catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of other drivers. Please contact us today if you are suffering or you lost a family member in:

Any type of car accident, including distracted driving and drunk driving accidents

  • A trucking accident
  • An accident involving public transportation or a private bus
  • A motorcycle accident
  • A pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle

The Experience And Resources To Maximize Your Compensation

As a client of Balzarini & Watson, you can be sure that our attorneys are committed to helping you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We understand that you may be dealing with the effects of your accident for years to come.

That means our law firm will put all of its resources, including accident reconstruction experts and medical experts, to use to help you build the strongest claim possible. Our lawyers will focus on your unique needs and work tirelessly to recover compensation that will protect your interests now and into the future.


To schedule a free consultation with the lawyers of Balzarini & Watson, contact us by calling 412-471-1200 or 866-316-2111. As a contingency-based law firm, you will not owe us a penny if we cannot recover compensation for you. Home and hospital visits are available for your convenience.

To schedule a free consultation in Pittsburgh, call 412-471-1200 or 866-316-2111.